Why was this startup created?

We developed our first product, called XPUMP, a smart audio booster that can real-timely transform any normal stereo speakers or headphones into a premium and portable home theater. The gum-sized XPUMP is embedded with XROUND processing technology, a patented, exclusive audio digital signal processing algorithm. The innovative and sleek gadget is built with features to upgrade your listening experience to the next level.

Please describe your product or service.

The core DSP technology invented by Embrace Audio Lab, redefines the sound experience. With XROUND, any stereo sound source can automatically be transformed into a multi-channel home theater device, a process which traditionally requires complicated setups of up to 6 speakers or more. The XROUND algorithm analyzes and reconstructs sound details in real time, providing the best representation per millisecond on just two speakers

What is your company's vision?

Be the well known and great Audio produce development company in the world, like Bose or Beats.

What are your plans or goals for expanding your business over the next year?

1. Hiring more employees in Japan to expand the Japanese market.
2. Open new offices in Japan
3. Build marketing team, warehouse, after service in Japan
4. Business development with Japanese Corporations or governments to upgrade Audio equipment in classroom or meeting room by our product (XPUMP)

Why are you joining this app?

1. Explore and expand the Japanese market
2. Get more connections with other business partners in Japan
3. Get some resources to exposure to the Japanese market from Fukuoka city and government