Why was this startup created?

We began our startup with the belief that businesses can play an important role in positively shaping the future. 

As computers become more and more important in society, they not only support our social foundations, but have also become the basis for new businesses. And as technology continues to evolve, these computers systems may even be able to mimic human emotions some day.

Because of this, we think everyone should have the chance to use and learn more about advanced technology, rather than just leave everything to the experts. With the tools we are creating, you can have a richer, more fulfilling life as an active participant in shaping the future.

Please describe your product or service.

We want to be a company that faces the challenges of society head on, and also gives everyone the ability to overcome these challenges using their own power. Keeping in mind the importance of sensitivity and the human experience, we want to work towards a rich and distinctly human society, not one that simply pursues efficiency.

Our core businesses are MAGELLAN BLOCKS, an accessible machine learning service that anyone can use to better incorporate their experience and inspiration into their business, and TECH PARK, an afterschool program where children use all of their senses to learn about technology through play.

Technological advancement combined with creativity leads to a rich society, and that’s what we are trying to achieve at Groovenauts.

What is your company's vision?

Rather than simply presenting a solution, we want to present a discussion. We want to make the latest technology available to everyone so that they can think, practice, and make their own improvements. We believe that focusing on tackling society’s challenges, rather than just gaining market share, will allow us to expand our business.

What are your plans or goals for expanding your business over the next year?

Knowing the importance of overseas development, we have supported both Japanese and English versions since MAGELLAN BLOCKS was released. We have also expanded our company in order to develop services overseas.

We have a strong partnership with Google. In 2015, we were selected as one of the seven finalists for Google’s “Google Global Partner of the Year” award, an event held to honor Google’s partners around the world. In 2017, we participated in “Google Cloud Next,” one of Google’s largest events held in San Francisco. Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt even mentioned our company's name during his keynote speech. 

In addition, we received the Helsinki Award during a pitch competition at last year’s SLUSH event in Helsinki, Finland. We were given the opportunity to participate in this event thanks to Fukuoka City’s efforts. In 2018, we plan to continue working to find and secure business opportunities in Europe, the United States, and other markets.

Why are you joining this app?

Through our services, MAGELLAN BLOCKS and TECH PARK, we want to open people’s minds about technology, regardless of their age or gender. Through this matching service, we want to showcase what we can do, introduce our services, and also show the potential and convenience of new technologies.