Why was this startup created?

Our company was founded by brothers, Charlie and CY, who are originally from Taiwan. Growing up with a father who taught himself English, German, and Arabic, the brothers were taught the value of learning other languages, and learning English in particular.

They gained exceptional practical English skills which allowed them to earn high scores on the TOEIC exam. This was especially notable because they took the exam just one month into their high school summer vacation. They learned English by studying theory and using a language learning machine their father invented and patented that recorded and repeated voices.

Charlie was able to use his English skills to graduate from American University and work in Los Angeles. CY utilized his knowledge to work in Hsinchu, Taiwan, which is famous for being Asia's Silicon Valley. By taking advantage of the abilities they learned from their father, they were able to launch Hope English in Taiwan and develop an incredibly efficient way for students to learn English.

Please describe your product or service.

Unlike the existing rote learning methods, we provide video lectures that focus on "repeating," which is the basis for learning other languages, and on "the logic of English (thoughts)" which is hidden in all native conversation. Students can review and acquire English naturally just by learning in the system. Our services allow students to retain information longer than the temporary knowledge they gain through most word-based tests. Students can learn what natural English-speaking is like, and learn a speech pattern that is close to that of a native speaker.

Hope English carefully selects video material that is familiar and includes subjects like hot topics, culture, politics, medical care, the economy, music, and more themes that are essential to being active in an international environment. It is very important to be prepared to speak about various topics when you want to communicate with a global audience. Hope English can provide both a way to learn English and a way to understand global sensibilities; we think this is the most current method for effectively learning English.

What is your company's vision?

We want to develop materials that focus on topics related to science so that we can help to raise the caliber of English education in Japan.

What are your plans or goals for expanding your business over the next year?

We will develop our services for schools based on the needs of each facility. 

Why are you joining this app?

We would like to expand our services to more languages including Chinese and Spanish, and use Japanese as a bridge.