Why was this startup created?

When we first came here, we noticed that Japanese workers were spending a tremendous amount of time working, which left them little time to relax. We thought it would be great for them to be able to delegate their chores or other things they didn't want or didn't have the time to do and really be able to enjoy their free time. We also saw that students were always in need of money. We realized that students had time but no money and workers had money but no time, so why not match them and make everyone happy? That's how ikkai was born.

About a year after we began our business, we realized we could use the data we collected to help students find internships or post-graduation jobs, but we wanted to do that differently than other companies. We wanted to help them find a job that actually fit their interests, personality, and skills.

Please describe your product or service.

ikkai has two main services. The first is our online marketplace, where companies and individuals can post one-time tasks or short-term projects for students to complete. We aggregate the data on students each time a task is completed to know more about their soft and hard skills and experience. This helpful data led us to open our second service that allows companies to post internship offers and fresh graduates positions. 

ikkai was made to help students earn money and gain experience throughout their college years and find a job after graduation that fits their skills, personality, and interests. Our ultimate goal is for them to find a job that they are passionate about, that helps them to thrive, and that gives them a sense of purpose. By doing so, we help companies find the right fit and greatly improve their retention rates, saving them significant amounts of money and time. 

What is your company's vision?

Our vision is to excel in both service areas. The first area we focus on is to help students make money while also gaining experience through projects and events. The second is part of the big picture. Our vision is to disrupt the current job hunting system. It's very expensive and ineffective for both students and clients. Currently, in Japan, about 30% of new graduates quit their first job within 3 years. It shows that there is a real problem in terms of recruitment. Way too many mismatches happen and the current system is to blame. Recruitment is mainly done through the prestige of the students' schools. Since training is provided during the first year of employment, no one really cares about their skills, let alone their interests. We believe that through the data we collect, we can help find jobs that will help students to thrive and stay in the position, which will be beneficial to both the student and the company at the same time.  

What are your plans or goals for expanding your business over the next year?

We want to launch our mobile application that is almost done being developed. We want to establish a team in Tokyo, and we are thinking about expanding to Indonesia or Malaysia.

Why are you joining this app?

We are interested in networking and recruitment opportunities.