Why was this startup created?

We combine the main strength of Japan, "Hardware development and high-quality parts", with the strength of India, "Firmware and Software Development". Maximizing value by producing low cost, high-quality products quickly and efficiently. Contributing the spread of IoT by bringing it into the market.

Please describe your product or service.

We provide IoT products and Industrial IoT solutions, such as Bluetooth Sensor mesh Network, NB-IoT (LPWAN) Solution, Hardware, Firmware and Mobile Application Development.

What is your company's vision?

- Provide solutions and services that are safe, secure and useful for society.
- Fostering a corporate culture that constantly challenges advanced technologies.

What are your plans or goals for expanding your business over the next year?

We have been conducting market research and development while selling IoT products for individuals since the foundation of the company. From now, as we enter "Industry 4.0 to 4.5", we will expand our business based on three solutions as pillars, "Safety measures for humans", "Location management of goods" and "State monitoring of equipment" for enterprises (industries).

Why are you joining this app?

We are considering fund-raising from companies, VCs and CVCs that are developing business based on the cloud services.