Why was this startup created?

When I studied in Australia, my life was changed completely after talking to an Australian woman. From that experience, I founded a startup because I wanted to give people a chance to change their own lives by connecting people who have completely different values from themselves. 

Please describe your product or service.

IW Co., Ltd. is a venture company from Fukuoka, specializing in overseas marketing and PR. The idea behind our company is connecting foreigners, locals and local businesses as well as establishing a connection with life changing experiences. We manage the Fukuoka tourist information booklet called "Yoka Map" which is aimed at repeat visitors and a multilingual tourist information website, "Yoka By". We also have a business for inviting foreign influential engagers, a cross-border EC promotion business in China and a multilingual translation business. 

What is your company's vision?

Our company's philosophy is "Initiative World" - defined by these 3 principles:  

1. To create a spontaneous world
2. To create an unique world
3. Take control of your own life  

We will continue to embody these ideals going forward into the future. 

What are your plans or goals for expanding your business over the next year?

After establishing the company, for two and a half years I have accumulated know-how on inbound PR and have established a connection with foreign influencers. Currently, we are inviting foreign influencers and building a foreign influencer matching platform to provide companies with a structured system that uses these foreign influencers systematically. (Scheduled to be released around September this year)