Why was this startup created?

· Enrich women's daily lives 
· To become an effective means of corporate advertising and promotion

Please describe your product or service.

· We suggest clothes and makeup to women based on their likes and interests, which they can then purchase from each company, as well as carrying out events. (image/visual consultant)
· Review app for women's cosmetics
· Advertising and marketing consultancy (signboard, website preparation, photography, event organising etc.)
· Social media management 

What is your company's vision?

Continue to provide services to enrich women's lives in Fukuoka.

What are your plans or goals for expanding your business over the next year?

As women's products are so diverse, we will continue to expand our reach into new market segments, such as: Cosmetics companies, apparel companies, commercial facilities, dress shops, hotels, ceremonies, shoes, bags, all brand makers, beauty vocational schools, restaurants, and more.