Why was this startup created?

  1. We sold various products through e-commerce, but we found that it was difficult to use any of the existing e-commerce management services because they were not designed to be very "user first." As a result, we started thinking about how to make an easy-to-use e-commerce management service in Japan.
  2. A lot of people told us that they didn't even know where to begin when they wanted to get started in e-commerce. We realized there needed to be a service that would help guide them to the best course of action for their specific store.
  3. Since e-commerce in Japan tends to be quite complicated, there are large numbers of cluttered services out there. This can be hard to understand, and people need help figuring out which service is the best for them when it comes to managing their store. We felt the market needed a resource that would suggest which management service is the best for each store.

Please describe your product or service.

With our easy-to-use UI interface, anyone (even staff members who don't know much about web services) can analyze e-commerce stores and find ways to improve sales. Features like our e-commerce store diagnostic tool and task creation are available for free. We also provide unified management (inventory movement, order management, customer management, and product management) in conjunction with major malls including Rakuten, Yahoo, and Amazon. We are the definitive e-commerce solution.

What is your company's vision?

We are not only sticking to e-commerce. Instead, we want to lower the barrier of entry for business in general. Our vision is to make products like Doraemon that anyone can use to start a business, and can also have access to an immediate support system when they are in trouble. First of all, we aim to become the core of the operation in the e-commerce market and ultimately become the (OMNI) and (CORE).

What are your plans or goals for expanding your business over the next year?

For now, we’re exploring what the shortest route is to a market cap of 100billion.

Why are you joining this app?

We plan to expand globally in 2019. Because of this goal, I want to connect with businesses that are currently working on e-commerce projects abroad.