Why was this startup created?

Person-to-person relationships are currently weaker than they used to be, and we would like to provide a platform for people to enjoy communicating with others.

Please describe your product or service.

The Bluebook platform can be used to browse and connect with talented people. Bluebook refers to these talented people as “Ist” on the platform. These “Ist” clients are working toward their dreams and passions, and users with similar intellectual aspirations can connect with them using the platform.

Our target is to support the Bluebook platform by helping each “Ist” to reach their fullest potential by growing their circle. This web service is a world-first and was launched in Fukuoka, Japan with the purpose of increasing the "joy of life" of “Ist" supporters, known as Sosio on the platform. 

What is your company's vision?

To create diversity in the way we live, and create more joy in life.

What are your plans or goals for expanding your business over the next year?

Bluebook is an innovative service with a mission to change people's customs. We emphasize the power of design as the growth strategy we use to accomplish this mission. We have some amazing people helping to make Bluebook's vision a reality including one of our founders who is a former Nissan car designer, an experienced UX designer who has university-level teaching experience in addition to many other achievements, as well as award-winning and industry-leading growth hackers who were selected (several times) from a group of thousands for Japan's  "Growth Hacker Awards." 

We will make innovative changes happen, all from Fukuoka and using the power of design.

Why are you joining this app?

We are looking for investors who believe in our potential and value our vision.