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anect Inc.

Our online shopping platform creates a world where buying and selling can be done with confidence!

AI (Artificial Inteligence) E-commerce Finance Technology Saas Social Entrepreneurship B2C C2C Fukuoka

ArePass LTD

Development of sensing device

Hardware B2B B2C Nagasaki


Children's clothing barter sharing economy

Fashion Services Software B2C Fukuoka


A Fintech firm that synchronizes HR-Payroll data with Financial Services.

Finance Technology B2B B2C Fukuoka


Creating regional collaboration for super-aging society by utilizing ICT/IoT

Advertising Hardware Health & Wellness Software IoT B2B B2C

Good Luck 3, Inc.

Spreading Good Luck to people across the globe with quality entertainment. 

Blockchain Entertainment & Music B2C Fukuoka

HOPE English Co., Ltd.

Hope English, Learning English by video lecture and e-learning super-effectively.

Services B2C Fukuoka

Medmain Inc.

Pathological diagnoses made easy.

AI (Artificial Inteligence) Analytics & Big Data Medtech & Pharma Saas Software B2B Fukuoka


Insect-tech enterprise that saves the world from protein shortage

B2B B2C Fukuoka

Pear Inc.

We are a one-stop e-commerce management support service for Japan's e-commerce market.

AI (Artificial Inteligence) Analytics & Big Data E-commerce Saas Software B2B Fukuoka



Advertising Entertainment & Music B2B Fukuoka


A platform which helps organisations gauge the feelings and offer consultations to their staff through anonymous feedback.

Communications Saas B2B Fukuoka

TagOne Inc.

Mobile IoT system development.

IoT B2C Fukuoka


Drones B2B B2C Fukuoka

AlterBooth, Inc.

Multi development service, Full Merged Service, FoodTech

PaaS Saas B2B Fukuoka

Authentic Japan

Advertising B2C Fukuoka


A cloud-based platform for patients, medical staff, and hospitals, as well as an AI solution for difficult diseases.

B2B B2C Fukuoka

DentaLight Inc.

We hope to build a society that maintains their health using tactics ranging from dental care to IT solutions, and everything in between.

Health & Wellness Saas B2B B2C Fukuoka


You can manage sporting events and participants, as well as apply for sports competitions, all from your smartphone!

AI (Artificial Inteligence) Software Sports & Fitness B2C Fukuoka

flowtion Inc.

Business design company

Advertising Marketing Technology Services B2B Fukuoka

Glowship Inc.

Services B2B B2C Fukuoka


We develop technologies for video distribution, as well as developing and providing products for a range of industries.

Advertising Education Technology Saas Software B2B Fukuoka


We redefined the new standard of golf

Advertising AI (Artificial Inteligence) Analytics & Big Data AR/VR E-commerce Finance Technology IoT Marketing Technology Software Sports & Fitness B2B B2C Taiwan

Green Card Inc.

We’re a Web media service for the amateur sports industry

Sports & Fitness B2B


We believe in the power of technology for facing society's challenges.

AI (Artificial Inteligence) Analytics & Big Data Education Technology Saas Software IoT B2B Fukuoka

HA-PPY Co.,Ltd

Our products provide a sense of daily tooth brushing.

Hardware Health & Wellness IoT B2B

IndyGo Inc.

We provide IoT solutions with our proprietary devices

AI (Artificial Inteligence) IoT B2B

Karakurimono Inc.

Contract development and operation of smartphone applications

Services Software B2B Fukuoka

Memory Trading Center Co., Ltd.

A project for engineer development schools where students can learn from active engineers.

E-commerce Education Technology Saas Software B2C Fukuoka

New Revo Co.

A smartphone-scannable barcode system that lets you control incoming and outgoing shipments as well as manage your inventory.

Saas B2B Fukuoka

Nulab Inc.

We make collaboration software for business. 

Saas Software B2B Fukuoka

Peach Inc.

Discover new fun places in your city

Services Software B2C Fukuoka


We are a charitable clothing brand.

Fashion Social Entrepreneurship B2C Fukuoka

Rising Advance Co., Ltd.

Independent design support.

Services Wearable Technology B2B Fukuoka


We want to showcase Japan’s best products to the world.

E-commerce B2B B2C Fukuoka

Scuti Inc.

We're developing a platform that helps companies to build strong teams easily.

AI (Artificial Inteligence) Analytics & Big Data Saas Software B2B Fukuoka


A device that produces new and fun experiences. 

AR/VR Education Technology Entertainment & Music Software Sports & Fitness B2B B2C Fukuoka


An IOT solution and AI analytics.

AI (Artificial Inteligence) Analytics & Big Data Hardware IoT B2B Fukuoka

TagFIT Association

This platform eliminates the language barrier for tourists visiting Japan by using QR codes. 

Communications IoT B2B Fukuoka

Thee moment Inc.

Services B2C

tsumug Inc.

Electronic lock (Locked LTE communication) by itself (Connected Lock).

AI (Artificial Inteligence) Analytics & Big Data Blockchain Communications Hardware Saas Services Software IoT B2B B2C Fukuoka


Advertising Marketing Technology Saas B2B B2C Fukuoka

Welmo, Inc.

AI (Artificial Inteligence) Analytics & Big Data Health & Wellness B2B B2C Fukuoka