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airamp Japan, inc.

"Entertainment version of GitHub" for artists and creators. We amplifies the world to your performance field.

AlterBooth, Inc.

We are a technology company that solves social issues by maximizing the use of the cloud.

anect Inc.

Many companies are far from successful in their mobile app strategies. We support them to offer the best app for both the company and app users.


Using blockchain requires new ideas and broad knowledge of the technology. To solve this issue, we work to hypothesize, test, and create new value.


By not fearing failure, having courage and passion to meet new challenges. AnySense exists to help small local IT business' establish their presence.

Authentic Japan

"Saving lives in the mountains and in the city." - COCOHELI, LIFE BEACON for you and your loved ones.


Lynks, a sharing economy for those who want to donate children's products that can no longer be used due to them outgrowing their childhood items.


A platform for direct trade between growers and florists that will change the vertical structure of the industry, and also exports to Southeast Asia.

DentaLight Inc.

Thoroughly committed toward working together to realize an optimal environment for providing "preventive" dentistry.


Help digitize Local Businesses in Japan through the use of Digital Platforms to promote their stories, activities, products and services.

Glue Inc.

We provide the latest remote training and education infrastructure for companies that do not have an IT system in their education system.

Good Luck 3 Inc.

Spreading Good Luck to people across the globe with quality entertainment.

Green Card Inc.

We will use the media to solve information and monetization problems in the amateur sports industry.


We believe in the power of technology for facing society's challenges.

IndyGo Inc.

IndyGo enables a cost effective remote monitoring Solution for Industrial Compliance

IW Inc.

Domestic & overseas marketing & promotion of business' in the fields of food, sake, and tourism for restaurants, sake breweries, and local governments


We are confident that our technology will be essential in combating newly emerging viruses.

KEYes Inc.

We are developing a padlock system that can be unlocked with a smartphone.

Kotozna, Inc.

Kotozna specializes in automated language translation, digitization and chatbot creation to boost the hospitality industry.

Medmain Inc.

Pathology AI "PidPort" enables highly accurate and rapid presentation of analysis results and online pathological diagnosis

MEKIKI co.,ltd.

Revitalising the distribution of goods by having Artificial Intelligence, the connoisseurs of appraisers, properly assess the value of goods.

Napps Technologies Inc

Spreadsheets that can be used like Excel. We develop a no-code tool that anyone can easily use to create a native app.


Restore a secure structure for users through self-sovereign micropayments and IDs, and realize a service that allows simple creation of Internet apps.

neuet, Inc.

As society changes, "transportation" needs to change. We run "Charichari," an urban shared bicycle service, with the aim of enriching the city.

NewroCare Institute Japan co Ltd

We use original technology based on the "detection and adjustment of brain activity" as a device to solve problems with the brain nervous system.

Next Step LLC

We build IoT systems for companies from hardware to visualization in one stop, and sell boards developed in-house.

Non-classic inc.

We increase the potential of different areas by making art that conveys the value of those areas, which residents simply pass by every day.

Nulab Inc.

We provide four web services that promote collaboration, including Backlog, a project management tool.

On grit Engineering Inc.

Development of robots and AI for infrastructure inspection to solve labor shortage and poverty problems in the civil engineering industry

PikaPage Japan K.K.

Making mobile apps for amateur sports and education. Often, these non-profit organizations don't have the budget or resources. This is where we help.

Qurate Inc. is strategy as a service for the 72% of marketing pros challenged with managing omni-channel content


We are a charity brand that makes people aware of social problems around the world and continuously supports volunteer groups working to solve them.

Rocket Road inc

With the mission, "Enriching people with robots," we design, develop, and create official robot apparel for more than 15 makers, like Pepper and aibo.


To make the world more enjoyable through creativity. Our creative platform "Springin'" allows anyone from children to adults to become a creator.


We develop and provide a variety of AI-based services and products to support DX, mainly in the manufacturing industry.

SMARTI Co., Ltd.

To develop IoT products based on Voice related technology (voice recognition, voice control, voice interaction, etc.) research and development.


By visualizing emotions, we provide an "emotive communication tool" that encourages consultation and enhances trust in the organization.

TagOne Inc.

We provide intelligent gadgets for personal mobility vehicles.

Team AIBOD Inc.

Developing original AI systems and contributing to various industries with their challenges to optimize and to streamline their business.

Thee moment Inc.

We provide the digital map platform "UNLOCKS" as a new information transmission tool for the replacement of paper maps for B (G) to C and the new era.

tsumug Inc.

tsumug, whose vision is to "fill the world with comfortable places for everyone," provides the space service "TiNK" that accompanies people's lives.


Utilizing AI, communication, and video processing technologies, we develop unique video-related packages for media.


This project is designed to solve the marketing problems of hot spring facilities.

Weekend, Inc.

We are developing a business that contributes to the self-realization of individuals through professionals in the town.

Welmo Inc.

Solving social issues of nursing care and welfare in an aging society with a declining birthrate with the power of ICT and advanced technology


Whoscall, a caller-ID App, has reached more than 80 million downloads worldwide with its service regions extending to more than 30 countries worldwide


Expanding EC, media, insurance, and content development centered on mountaineering apps that make mountaineering safer and more enjoyable

yocto Co.,Ltd.

Yocto develops and sells training mats with innovative IoT sensors that record movement and center of gravity during yoga and visualizes this data.


For companies who struggle with limitations due to COVID19 and physical distance, we provide impressive promotions and try-on experiences using AR.

Youfit, Inc.

We develop software that works with sound/vibration and measuring equipment and have independently developed filters for FFFT and octave analysis.